Our State: Love at First Bite

July 26, 2022

Amos Mosquitos was featured in Our State’s June issue! You can check out the article here

A blurb from the article:

Sandy and Hallock stroll from the bar into the kitchen, chatting with employees, preparing for the day. Every stainless steel surface is immaculate, every cooking utensil in its place. They move on to the dining area, where colored lights and artist Trip Park’s Ralph Steadman-esque illustrations of mosquitoes hang from the walls, and windows look out over the bay. Then on outside, to the grassy area by the water, where customers wait for their tables and little mosquito sculptures sit next to playful signs that warn, “Don’t Feed the Alligators” and “Unattended Children Receive a Free Kitten.”

Yes, little Hallock Cooper has come full circle. These days, she’s in the business of preserving an Atlantic Beach legacy: A family-friendly restaurant that balances the needs of both adults and children. In a cozy building that serves exquisite food. Right across the road from a historic family motel, built in another era by her granddaddy.