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The original restaurant, Amos Mosquito's Swamp-side Cafe opened in 1999, just after Hallock Cooper graduated from the Culinary Institute of America. A few years later, she thought she was more than ready to take a break from the food industry and start a family with her new husband, Sandy Howard.

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Amos Mosquito’s Featured in “Points North Altanta” Magazine


Amos Mosquito's was recently featured in the Points North Atlanta magazine in their annual Beach Planner edition. Amos Mosquito's was listed under the "Local Allure" section of the article and points out our restaurant "where local flavor abounds".

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Charleston Living Features Amos Mosquito’s


Charleston Living Magazine recently featured Amos Mosquito's in their "Escape To The Crystal Coast" edition. The author describes his meal and view overlooking the water in detail. "Dinner was at Amos Mosquito's Restaurant & Bar-- casual but the food was anything but."

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Cooking with Paula Deen Magazine Features Amos Mosquitos


Featured as one of "The Best Eats on the Crystal Coast", Amos Mosquitos was commended on serving up superior American cuisine with a unique Southern twist, using sustainable, local, and fresh ingredients in every dish. The author notes that Amos Mosquitos "has been a staple for upscale family dining at the beach for more than 12 years."

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Epicurian Charlotte Features Amos Mosquito’s


If the name wasn't colorful enough, head to Amos Mosquito's Swampside Cafe on Atlantic Beach for a dine-in experience that is sure to add a few more shades. Set in a roadside shack with marsh-like decor, this low-key, fine-dining locale fixes a menu of Cajun Remoulade, lump crab cakes with roasted corn and scallions and "The Big Skeeter" plate of three fried local catches.

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